PP5 plastic and certified BPA-free meal containers.
Microwavable and suitable for packing all
types of food products, and stackable!

Our Meal Prep Containers are perfect for storing, heating and freezing all types of delicious meals.

Igluu Meal Prep containers are made from high-quality PP5 plastic and certified BPA-free. Microwavable and suitable for packing all types of food products, and stackable!

From seeing the impact of what a reusable food container has on both an individual’s health and the environment, Igluu offer a range of reusable food safe storage containers which will help eradicate one-time use products.

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Freezable & Dishwasher safe

Made from PREMIUM plastic, Our containers can withstand extremes of temperature, so they can be both heated up or cooled down.

Fresher food for longer

Airtight lids seal tight to keep food fresh for longer. Great for the office, university, gym, home, travel or picnics. Give them a try today.

Perfectly portioned meals

Stackable containers ideal for a main and dessert, leftovers, salads or keeping food from going soggy. Keep your portions perfect everytime.

Premium meal prep containers

Igluu provides premium meal prep containers that you can use again and again as well as fantastic customer service

Ollie Dabbous
Hide Restaurant - London

BPA Free 

No added chemicals. We keep our products free from chemicals that don't need to be there, so it's safe for you.


No single use plastic. Cook, fill, eat, wash, put away, repeat. All our containers can be used again and again


Designed to fit inside each other perfectly and stack on each other comfortably when full.

Microwave Safe

Reheat your meal. Pop any of our containers straight into the microwave to reheat your meal without any damage.

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