Intermittent Fasting - what is it and how could it help me?

Intermittent Fasting - what is it and how could it help me?

Intermittent fasting is the latest fitness craze sweeping the nation. It involves an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and periods of eating. Sounds strange? Technically, our bodies go into a state of fasting while we sleep... before we put a stop to it and break our fast with the best meal of the day - breakfast! Before the days of avo on toast and brunch stops, our ancestors couldn't nip out to the shop for a bite to eat and instead lived in caves without any way to store their food. If only someone had thought of Igluu containers! They had no idea when their next meal was coming from, so we evolved to last without food for much longer than we need to now.

Why fast?

Fast forward to 2018 and many of us have the luxury of eating when we choose. Often more than we need to (guilty!), which means we don't give our body all that long before we fill it with food again. As a result, we're not giving our bodies a break from a 'fed' state. So although intermittent fasting isn't a diet that restricts what you eat like, for example, the keto diet, what it does do is encourage fasters to change their lifestyle. The most popular type of intermittent fasting is the 16/8 method. It involves postponing breakfast and reducing your daily eating period to 8 hours, such as 12-8pm. You then fast for 16 hours in between. Of course, this can be tailored to suit any lifestyle - find what suits you!

The benefits

It's important to remember that like any lifestyle change, different methods suit different people. However intermittent fasting has proven to be an effective way to lose weight and belly fat. It can also reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer, in turn helping you live longer. Mental clarity is said to be sharper and cholesterol levels can be lowered over time. Win win!

Good to know...

Igluu meal prep containers can really give you a hand if you're thinking of trying intermittent fasting. You can have your meals all ready to go so that when you hit your 8 hour eating period, you don't need to waste time preparing your food. You can just heat it up and eat! Remember to do your research before staring a new habit, and consult your GP if you have certain conditions. Your body needs fuel and nutrition too, so never deprive yourself from what your body needs.

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