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"The best meal prep container I've used and great value"

"These are just great and have recommended to friends already. You can fit substantial meals in these due to the domed shapes in the lid for each compartment. They are light without feeling cheap and stack nicely in the fridge. Very fit for purpose of meal prepping and can safely say that using these I’ve had the most successful week of meals/training ever. For the price you can't really go wrong. The way they are packaged and can slot inside one another, they take very little room up in the cupboards. Thanks again Igluu."


"3 Compartment containers"

"Recently bought the 10 pack - 3 compartment containers to aid my nutrition goals and food prepping.... This have already made a massive difference in being able to hit my Macros without fail due to the 3 separate compartments I can hit to the last gram for each protein, carbs and fats.They stack perfectly be it in the fridge or freezer and can be used perfectly safely time after time in the microwave.... extremely impressed with the quality and durability of the containers which unlike some I've used in the past form a perfect and leak proof seal, which makes taking your meals with you no matter where you go so much less stressful. Would recommend this product to anyone be it serious gym goer, parent or someone wishing to take a meal to work with them. Awesome."


"Absolutely LOVE these"

"Wanted to wait until I had a few uses of these before I left a review. Just got done with the first couple of weeks of meal prep using these containers and I must say they are fantastic. The sizing of these allows for much greater control over portion sizes stopping our old practice of over filling single compartment food tubs with way too much of things like rice and instead having a more balanced meal. They also fit in the fridge stacked absolutely perfectly which is incredibly satisfying. The tight seal on these clip-on lids means there is negligible to no leakage on these, although I would aim to keep it flat as much as possible when it comes to wetter dishes, just in case. Although I keep my boxes in a cool bag when I take them to work so not an issue. They are also incredibly easy to clean too. Where other tubs will stain or have dried food stuck to it the composition of the plastics means that, even with foods like curries, whether the tub has been sat in the fridge with food in it for over a week or sat by the sink for a couple of days it takes little more than a good rinse under the tap to get them looking brand new. All in all, these boxes have made weekly meal prepping easy and are well worth the money. Already had people come up to me on my breaks and ask me about them. I will definitely be buying more of these in future and would highly recommend them to others."

Sci-Fi Mum

"These are fantastic"

"These are just fantastic. Each box has 3 compartments perfect for fussy people like hubby who loves taking salad to work or ham cheese salad rolls. But has to take ingredients himself to put together on his break. He will allow some items to touch but not all. Each box can store 32oz (8 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz) of food"

Vanessa J McCarthy

"I'm a Slimming World member"

"I'm a Slimming World member and these are just perfectfor keeping me on plan. The twocompartments are great for portion control. I prepare my meals in advance and store them in thefreezer. They can be microwaved straight from the freezer, no problem at all. I've re-used mycontainers a number of times–no warping and no funny smells.They are robust and made from a thick but lightweight plastic (much lighter than Tupperware).Definite five stars from me"

Mrs Anne Wynn

"Love these"

"Mrs Anne WynnI find these 2 compartment meal prep dishes very usefulfor bulk cooking and freezing and preppingmeals to take to our caravan. I have purchased 3 packs recently from 3 different companies but Iparticularly like these Igluu ones because they have a "lip" on each corner which makes opening themso much easier. They are great for fridge, freezer and microwave."


"Love these to why.... "

"I love, no, it's more than that, I ADORE these Igluu food storage containers. How can someone adore plastic food storage I hear you ask? These are quite simply a life changer for us. My son has autism and sensory processing disorder so mealtimes can be a challenge, we also live in a household affected by type 1 Diabetes and Coeliac Disease. Still not sure what the big deal is?

  1. Now I will always have a back-up health home-made microwave meal for my son if he refuses to eat dinner
  2. Now I have the perfect packaging for all the gluten free meals I make for my daughter in bulk
  3. Now I have another variation to the three compartment Igluu food containers for emergency snacks for low blood sugars when we are out and about. THAT is why I adore these so much. I already knew they were robust, easy to clean by hand of dishwasher, leak-proof and odour proof. Because I've had the three-compartment version for nearly a year now."


"Great for dieting "

"I was super happy to get these as I heard they are great for portion control and with it being Christmas I wanted to lose a few extra pounds I had put on, so thought I’d give this ago as I’m no good at portion control. They come in a pack of 10, the compartment trays are black and the lids area clear plastic so they are see-through. They are made of plastic and the lids just slip on top of the tray and click into place so they secure your food nicely. They have three compartments 1 large size and 2 smaller sizes. These are super handy for me, since using them for about 10 days I found I have lost about 6 pounds in weight as I’m not over loading my plate. I put my main meal e.g. a Spag Bol in the big compartment then veg or salad in the two smaller compartments. These are reusable trays so you can use them over and over again. They can be microwaved or frozen for use another day. I would highly recommend these if you want to lose a bit of weight or you want to make a few days’worth of meals up and then use them later"


"An excellent product 10/10"

"These containers are so sturdy and robust. I have used them daily since they arrived and they are dishwasher safe, excellent in the freezer and keep all the foods separate. I have even had a curry in one compartment and fruit cocktail in another - the flavours did not mix at all. There was no leakage-even when the food contained liquid. Having to follow a special metabolic diet means I always struggle with food when I am not at home - but not anymore. A great product A*"


"I'm really pleased I purchased these as I work shifts"

"I'm really pleased I purchased these as I work shifts (long days too) and need to be able to prep hot &cold meals in advance. The containers are sturdy, contentsdon't leak into other compartments &store reasonably small (in comparison to other tubs). I also like that I can use them in the fridge,freezer, microwave & dishwasher. A great product!"


"Just brilliant"

"I bought these with my elderly mother in mind. She has Parkinson's disease so is reliant on ready cooked meals. I cook a number of meals in advance and these can be kept in her fridge. So much healthier than the shop bought ready meals and a lot cheaper. The corner tabs are so useful as she usually struggles to open lids.Containers are stack-able so can be piled up in the fridge without compromising space. Also, when they're not being used they stack inside one another in an eat bundle thus easy for me to pick up and take home to fill with another batch!

Great product"

Olivia Lynan

"I found this product was perfect..."

"I found this product was perfect and just what I needed for getting all my meal prep done! The food containers are really high quality and can be used over and over again. I find it much better to use these as opposed to other containers such as Tupperware because of the really useful compartments so you can split up your food. I received the e-book with this product which was really detailed and provided lots of information on how to nail your food prep. The customer service from this company was also great as they helped me with any questions I had. I highly recommend anyone looking for help with their meal prep gets some of these and also followers their Instagram @igluumealprep or reads through the e-book for ideas on how to fill the containers 🙂"