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Igluu Meal Prep Recipes

Vegan chickpea and edamame curry

February 15, 2019

There’s nothing better than a quick, easy and healthy curry on a weeknight. This vegan chickpea and edamame curry from Judianne at Quick, Healthy Family Meals is packed full of plant-based proteins, ideal for vegans and clean eating! Cook up the night before for a delicious leftover lunch the next day. Our airtight Igluu meal…

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Chicken, mushroom and asparagus pie

February 11, 2019

Pie is the perfect wintery weekend dish that can be packed full of your favourite protein and veg, and packed away in an Igluu meal prep container for lunches during the week! This chicken, mushroom and asparagus pie from Judianne at Quick, Healthy Family Meals only takes 15 minutes to prep and you can easily…

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Veggie Pad Thai

February 4, 2019

Eating the rainbow is never a bad idea! This Pad Thai from Judianne at Quick Healthy Family Meals is made with egg and tofu is the perfect dish to prep ahead for a busy week. Simply take out the egg to make this vegan. Ingredients One pack of your favourite tofu Two eggs, beaten Two…

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Pesto pomegranate butter bean bowl

January 22, 2019

This yummy meat-free, low-carb bowl from Sammy’s Kitchen is perfect for colder evenings when exercise may be a bit of a struggle! Pour some of your dish into a triple compartment Igluu meal prep container like Sammy to include as part of tomorrow’s pack up… Ingredients Garlic (½ – 1 clove depending on taste) 50g…

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Peanut chicken

January 22, 2019

This is a light but filling dish for everyone with a soft spot for peanut butter – like Sammy at Sammy’s Kitchen! Use chicken or turkey depending on your preference, taste and budget and keep your creations stored in high quality meal prep containers. Ingredients ½ tsp coconut oil 1 small onion 3 mushrooms 1…

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Chocolate protein pot

January 18, 2019

Whether you’re looking for a delicious breakfast, an easy dessert or a post-gym treat, this easy chocolate protein pot from Sammy’s Kitchen should be your go to! Spoon your mix into a meal prep container – we suggest a double compartment Igluu meal prep container so you can grab and go. Ingredients 100g greek yoghurt…

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Vegan ginger bliss balls

January 17, 2019

Whether these are enjoyed post-gym or for an evening treat, this is a guilt-free snack for any time of day devised by the marvellous Glutarama! Cook up a batch and keep them fresh in a meal prep tray. A single compartment Igluu meal prep container should do the trick! Ingredients 100g cashews 100g dates 70g ground…

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Vegan apricot cacao raw squares

January 15, 2019

What’s better than a sweet treat that’s also the ideal energy boost AND vegan?! Cook up a batch of vegan apricot cacao raw squares from Glutarama for the ideal post-gym treat without the naughtiness. Keep your creations stored in a single compartment Igluu meal prep tray. Ingredients For the prune base: 200g dried prunes 100g…

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Fennel fish cakes

January 14, 2019

Give this simple yet nourishing fish dish by Glutarama a try! These fish cakes are free from gluten, dairy and potato. They’re great for either an on-the-day tea or a next-day lunch, kept fresh using high quality meal prep containers. We suggest Igluu meal prep trays! Ingredients 1 tin of drained cannelloni beans (450g) 1 medium fennel…

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Post-gym snacks you can prep ahead

January 6, 2019

If there’s one thing that motivates a good workout, it’s the snack afterwards. We’re not talking about chocolate bars and crisps here, but refuelling food that’s still pretty delicious. Best of all, you can prep at home ahead of time to save money and ensure you’ve got an easy pick me up that you can…

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