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How to meal prep for your week ahead

July 25, 2018

Meal prepping for your whole week doesn’t have to be a challenge! Successful meal prep revolves around having a plan. Trying to wing it could leave you floundering in the kitchen and put you right off. Planning How to write a meal plan The keystone for meal prep is knowing what you want to make…

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Featured blogger – Becky from glutenfreecuppatea

July 18, 2018

Welcome to the first in our series of featured blogger posts – this month we’re focusing on Becky and her blog, glutenfreecuppatea. Here at Igluu, we admire Becky’s dedication to finding gluten-free recipes that work well for meal prep. So many meal prep ideas revolve around pasta/couscous/noodles and other ingredients containing gluten, which can make…

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The ultimate shopping list for meal preppers

July 8, 2018

The ultimate shopping list for meal preppers Meal prep is all about creating balanced, healthy meals but with so much nutritional information available, it can be tricky to know where to begin. It can become even more daunting when you’re stood in the middle of a supermarket with an empty basket, so we’re here to…

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Our favourite meal prep recipes

July 6, 2018

Here at Igluu we are passionate about great food and the perfect storage for your meal prep. Variety is the spice of life, which is why we’re always on the look out for the tastiest, freshest recipes that we can try, taste and share. So here are our current favourite recipes for breakfast, lunch and…

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What is meal prep and how can it help me?

June 9, 2018

Most of us have busy lives, so it isn’t always easy or possible to eat delicious home-cooked food every day of the week. But imagine if you could… This is where meal preparation or ‘meal prep’ can help. View this post on Instagram . THINK SALADS ARE BORING? WELL, THINK AGAIN! ? . How to…

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